The effect of lowering alcohol

The effect of lowering alcohol

In the traditional way of aging alcohol in Europe, Alcohol after production is stored in the oak barrels, Cherry wood, in Vietnam, Chum Sanh is a widget close to life, is not characteristic. Oxidized, temperature sensitive, should be used for storage and storage.





Máy lọc rượu từ trường


Alcohol is stored in the cellar



Based on the laws of time and the earth's magnetic field at the threshold of 16Hz / 1gauw / 24 hours in order to cut off the organic connections in Alcohol, the activity in the oak wood acts on Alcohol to metabolize, evaporate toxins Like Aldehyde, Methanol, Furfurol, etc. According to this method, the wine stored long quality will be equal, time will help to assimilate the compounds in alcohol to create a feeling of soft wine, no neck pain, headache etc. At the same time, oak fragrance also makes Wine more aromatic and they call it the method: "Wood Wine"




Alcohol in Vietnam



Lowering is a very important step in the production process of Alcohol. In Vietnam, because the production of wine is usually small, handicraft production has not attached importance to the brand, so lowering the Alcohol has not been properly considered. Consequently, consumers always have to look for production facilities to ensure that the process is complete or complete the lower stage to get high quality drinks to ensure health.